Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation systems – isn’t complicated engineering system, where the water in the system of main pipelines, served in a drip pipes true round droppers.

Water is supplied to the root zone of plants, creating a zone of stable moisture crops. A feature of drip irrigation is to supply water to each plant according to the needs of the growing season.  Whereby water and energy 2 ... 5 times save than conventional irrigation methods, as in 3 ... 4 times reduced application rate of fertilizers, which are fed together with water into the root zone of each plant.

Drip irrigation is considered to be the most effective, mobile and modern views of irrigation, which gives him an advantage over the traditional irrigation and raining. Drip irrigation allows to deliver water and fertilizer dosing strictly in root zone of plants according to his daily plan.

We offer a versatile drip pipe with round dripper type, the distance between the drippers can be made 20, 30, 40, 50 and 70 cm according Customers request. There is also a full set of fitting, valve, filters, connecting and sealing range of accessories.

All products have a protective layer from damage and UV rays, the possibility of successful use in / on the ground for 5 years.

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